Tashi Chünzo got her prothesis for both legs with your help!

Sponsors donated totally DM 6.000,- for Tashi!
Tashi, now 15 years got her prothesis after a long term of waiting in January 2002. Many sponsors donated and Tashi´s dream came true with their help. Tashi and her mother thank you all very much!

In the end the total costs for Tashis´ prothesis were much cheaper than expected."Handicap International" is working in Lhasa since summer 2001 and could direct produce the prothesis and treat Tashi. So another 10 children from the "Handicraftschool for Handicapped Children" can be provided with prothesis also. For Tashis´ education another sum could be saved.
Tashi is learning very well and busy. One of her talents is drawing. Her teacher already organised a small exhibition with Tashi´s pictures. She is an autodidact and now busy in learning English. We will inform you about Tashi´s progress.Tashi´s mother found a job at "Handicap International" and lives with her daughter now in a groundfloor flat at her working place.