Are you interested in helping a Tibetan child to go to school?

Our aim is to support the education of children and young people in rural areas. Young people will return to their regions to use and pass on their knowledge.

We support education in primary, secondary schools as well as agricultural schools and vocational training for weaving, sewing and dying with natural colours.

To date, 57 girls and 35 boys have been able to go to school through our sponsorship program. Monthly sponsorships range from $ 25 to $ 35. Co-sponsorship with groups of friends is also possible.

If you wish to sponsor a student to study medicine the monthly amount needed is 50 $.

Five sponsors are already supporting two young women studying medicine. Choekyi is studying TTM in her second year and Dolker is studying medicine and astrology at a Chinese University.

We will send you photos of the children/students and information about their family situation. Sponsors contributions are delivered personally to families who use them to pay for school fees, books, educational materials, school uniforms and help in their day to day lives.

Once or twice a year we travel to Tibet, visit the children/students and bring little gifts from sponsors. The children love to receive photos of their sponsors. Of course the sponsors will get photos from their foster-child and small reports twice a year.

Lobsang, 7 yrs.
Your contribution and support will directly help to improve the quality of life and education of children and young people in Tibet and thus help to create the basis for a more self-determined life and a brighter future.
Phuntsok, 12 yrs.
On behalf of Tibetan children/students and young people we would like to thank all sponsors for their generous donations.