Tibet- culture, country and people

Tibet is an ancient culture still veiled in myth. Evidence of this can still be seen in fascinating murals, frescos an Buddha statues in the remaining temples. Other highlights of a Tibet trip include visits to the partly reconstructed cloisters of Samye and also Sera, Ganden and Drepung. Excursions to the valley of the Kings "Yarlung Valley" and to the cradle of Tibet Yumbulagang south east of Lhasa are also highly recommended.
The fascinating beauty and power of the high plateaus (3500-6500 m) stamp themselves on the lives of the nomades in "Dschangtang", the northern plateau. The majority of Tibetans live in Southern Tibet, an area that gets its water from the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries, and in the provinces of Kham and Amdo.
Lhasa, the capital, is the highlight of any Tibetan trip with its beautiful historical temples such as Jokhang, Ramoche, Potala, Norbulingka and many other links to the past. You can get an idea of ancient Tibet by taking a walk through the traditional Tibetan market "Barkor" and the remains of the historical parts of the Tibetan town.

Recommended literature:

"Tibet - The lost civilisation", Simon Normanton, Viking-Verlag
"To Lhasa and Beyond", Giuseppe Tucci, Snow Lion Publications,
  New York