The project "Revitalising the Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) in Rural Regions" provides medical care to villagers in the areas of Lhundrup, Pundo, Nanangshang and Metrogonkar where it has been almost non-existent.

A team of three permanently employed physicians, Dr. Sonam Tsering, Dr. Kelsang Norbu and Dr. Toendrup as well as two free-lance doctors examine the people in the villages (above all, women and children), at 20 day intervals and treat them using traditional Tibetan medicine.

Women and children, in particular, are looked after with an emphasis on prevention and cure. Diseases such as rickets, cataracts (lack of vitamin B), gastro-intestinal diseases as well as TBC are triggered by a deficient diet. Infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and diseases caused by cold and humidity, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis, are commonplace.

The doctors were able to achieve initial success in the treatment of the "Kaschinbeck" disease. Following the application of TTM, there was relief of severe pain and a better mobility in the joints. The causes for this disease, which only occurs in Russia, North-Korea and Tibet, have not yet been discovered. Western medicine has so far not discovered a cure.

The disease can occur from the age of six resulting in a slow and painful stiffening of the joints. The disease is characterised by severe pain and hyposomia (stunted growth). Dr. Sonam Tsering has developed a special herbal mix of TTM for this disease and is achieving excellent results in patients.

Besides the treatment of diseases, we conduct educational excursions with villagers, teachers and children in order to re-familiarise them with local herbs and plants and their medicinal uses . Currently we are collating a book on herbal remedies as a direct result of these activities.

A further aspect of our work is disseminating information about TTM, botany and the gathering and farming of herbal remedies for personal consumption as well as the sale of surplus crops to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Tibetische Medizin
With this help for self-help, villagers are able to utilise their traditional knowledge once more to improve their quality of life.