"Tashi delek", Welcome to Nyma e.V. !
Nyma e.V., Society for the Support of Tibetans in Tibet


"Nyma" means "sun"
and represents the beauty of the Tibetan Highlands and the innate energy of Tibetans.

Following our first trip to Tibet in 1994, the impressions and experience we gathered at the "roof of the world" never left us. Nyma e.V was subsequently founded in May 1997 and is committed to the country and it's people .

Our activities are based on the principle of self-help. We have received generous support from committed Europeans.

As a result , we have so far been able to arrange sponsorships for 57 girls and 35 boys to attend school as a starting point for finding a job and a more self-determined life.

Another important aspect of our work is the re-establishment of Tibetan Traditional Medicine (TTM) which not only offers widespread health benefits but contributes to improved living standards among people in rural areas.

Currently, we are running projects in Lhundrup, Pundo, Nanangshang and Metrogonkar, approx. 80 km-100 km northeast from Lhasa.

The main focus of our work is:

  • Improving health
  • Education and vocational Training for young people in the countryside
  • Establishing income-generation projects for families in rural areas through:

- building greenhouses
- cultivating Tibetan medical herbs and vegetables
- weaving and sewing projects
- solar panels for country houses

All profits are ploughed back into the village community and can be re-invested.