Are you interested in supporting business start-up projects in Tibet?

Since 2001 a new aspect of our work has involved supporting business start-up projects in the areas Lundhrup, Pundo and Nanangshang.

Since spring 2002 village-cooperatives have been growing medical herbs used in Tibetan Traditional Medicine (TTM) for self-medication and sale to pharmaceutical companies .

Seven Greenhouses have been built in order to grow vegetables to improve the poor nutritional situation. Currently, 7-8 crops per year are possible.

In rural areas there is almost no infrastructure, no bus connections to cities and almost no shops. Most people do not have any money to buy food. Barter transactions prevail. The villagers swap barley for yak meat from the Nomads.

Life is extremely difficult. People in rural areas of Tibet survive by growing barley and potatoes, Some keep sheep, goats or yaks. Their diet consists of Tsampa (ground , roasted barley), butter tea and cooked potatoes which are often eaten cold for days on end because of the lack of fuel.

Our projects to improve this situation are:

  • Building greenhouses
  • Growing medical herbs used in TTM and vegetables
  • Weaving and sewing projects
  • Solar panels for village houses

The primary aim is:

- Self sufficiency for village communities
- Improving nutritional standards and relieving vitamin deficiencies
- Education and Vocational Training for young people in the countryside

The sale of surplus products eases the financial situation of the villagers.

Woven and sewn articles such as "Chupas" (traditional dresses and coats), blankets and aprons raise living standards and give people warmth.

With financial support , young people are able to study agriculture or to receive vocational training. After three to six months they return to their villages to use and pass on their knowledge. They are responsible for the building of greenhouses, the growing of medical herbs and teaching weaving and sewing courses.

All profits made are ploughed back into the communities. They improve living standards and can be re-invested, i e. to buy oil presses or to build new greenhouses.

With your support, families in rural areas can be more creative, economically secure and enjoy a better quality of life.

Your contribution will have a real and positive effect on the lives of Tibetans.